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The First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the biggest health care and research facility in China, well-known even beyond the limits of the country. Its specialists help patients manage a number of serious disorders, applying to the therapeutic modes of the integrative medicine. Besides, we carry out research, teach students, give lectures in foreign healing centers, and conduct training and retraining of the professor-teacher staff of Chinese universities.

Our Distinctive Features

The doctors of our hospital integrate the achievements of modern evidentiary medicine and the traditional Chinese therapeutic modes. In order to cure our patients, we use medication, herbalism, acupuncture, massage, vacuum therapy, cauterization, and moxibustion. Such a combination of approaches lets us achieve maximally effective results in treatment of different health conditions.

Another hallmark of our hospital is the precise diagnostics of illnesses with the use of the ancient Chinese techniques and modern equipment (MRI, X-Rays, lab tests). For instance, we reveal a number of serious disorders by means of pulse-diagnostics. This method lets us disclose both acute, and chronic illnesses in their early stages. Besides, we diagnose various health conditions by visual examination of the patient’s eyes, tongue, face, and palms. All the diagnoses are double checked and confirmed by standard methods of evidential medicine, to avoid any doubt.

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Our medical innovations

The specialists of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use the unique treatment approach: they integrate modern therapeutic methods and the skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All this lets them obtain perfect and quick results in diagnostics and treatment of serious health disorders.

Diagnostic Methods

In order to reveal a patient’s disease, our doctors apply to pulse-diagnostics – the ancient Chinese technique used for identification of illnesses in their early stages. This method is suitable for most disorders known. The technique of pulse-diagnostics is based on the fact that the radial artery near the wrist joint contains a number of active spots (nerve terminals) connected with different inner organs.

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In our Endocrinology department, we treat Thyroid diseases, Diabetes, Neuroendocrine diseases and other diseases of endocrine system. The combination of scientifically approved methods of Traditional Chinese medicine and the newest equipment used in standard western medicine allows us to diagnose most of the endocrine diseases at early stage and treat even severe complications.

Acupuncture or needle therapy is based on the theory of the energy flow along the Meridian channels. Stimulation of the Meridian active points improves or encourages the body’s biological reactions. The specialists of our hospital use this ancient therapeutic mode for the purpose of treatment of serious health conditions. We apply to acupuncture along with modern medical techniques, which lets us achieve the best results in management of various disorders.

Rheumatology is a subdivision of internal medicine connected with rheumatic diseases. Specialists working in this field – they are called rheumatologists – help patients solve various issues involving joints, soft tissues, autoimmune system and so on. In general, rheumatology is closely connected with immunology. In our scientific and research clinic at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can rely on the expertise of highly qualified rheumatologists with solid experience. They will assist you even in the most difficult cases of chronic diseases.

The reproductive system of a human organism includes all the sex organs working for the aim of reproduction. Many elements of this system operate due to fluids, hormones, pheromones and other specific substances. It is one of the most significant systems in the entire organism, as it is in charge of the humanity survival. The clients of Tianjin hospital can obtain professional assistance in treatment of various reproductive system disorders. Our specialists apply to both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the modern treatment techniques, which ensures accurate diagnosis of different health conditions and lets us obtain perfect results in treatment of these illnesses with patients of all ages and both sexes.

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the anatomy, physiology and disorders of human eyes. Ophthalmologists are both surgical and medical specialists, as they have to treat eye disorders by means of operative intervention and medication. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we use individual approach for every patient, combining the best Traditional Chinese medicine practices with the methods and tools of modern western medicine. This allows us to get serious improvements even in cases of chronical eye conditions.

Oncology is the subdivision of medicine, which studies the reasons and mechanisms of malignant and benign tumors growth, their signs, methods of diagnostics and precaution, as well as the ways of treatment. The development of oncological diseases can be encouraged by genetic disposition, environmental effects, stress, unsatisfactory diet, frequent traumatism, taking drugs, and other factors. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we help patients with different stages of cancer. Applying to the ancient Chinese wisdom in conjunction with the achievements of modern science, our specialists easily diagnose and successfully treat even terminal cancer and other difficult conditions.

Rehabilitation is the specialized healthcare aimed at improving, supporting or restoring of the patient’s physical strength and mobility with maximum efficiency. It allows people gain greater independence after various diseases, serious injuries or surgery. The doctors of Tianjin hospital help elderly patients with different health conditions − Parkinson's disease, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, and so on. Using the unique therapeutic modes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we achieve perfect results in diagnosis and treatment of different health conditions with people of all ages.

Hepatology is the subdivision of medicine related to the functioning of liver, gall bladder, biliary ducts and pancreas. This discipline studies various disorders of the abovementioned organs and the ways of their treatment. In most cases, patients consult hepatologists over the matter of viral hepatitis. Millions of people worldwide have suffered from Hepatitis B at some point in their life, while 350 million are persistent carriers of this virus. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we help people with a number of hepatic disorders. Using both the achievements of modern medicine and the unique Chinese wisdom we diagnose these conditions in their early stages and cure them with minimum time loss.

Proctology is the branch of medical science focused on the operation and the diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. The doctors of our scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine specialize in diagnosis and treatment of proctologic disorders. We render complex medical assistance to people of all ages and easily reveal proctological diseases even in their early stages.

Gynecology is the subdivision of medicine, which deals with the diseases peculiar to women only. First of all, gynecologists treat various disorders of female reproductive system. The list of organs responsible for functioning of the genital system includes the parts of the endocrine system (pituitary organ, thyroid body, uterus, uterine tubes, and ovaria). The specialists of Tianjin hospital have a many year experience in treatment of fibroadenoma, sarcoma, malignant swelling, acyesis, and other gynecological disorders.

Otorhinolaryngology is the field of medicine dealing with various disorders of the head and neck. The physicians specializing in this sphere treat the diseases of the ear, nose, fauces, and base of the skull. The patients of our hospital receive quality medical care from otolaryngologists with high experience. They easily diagnose and treat nasal allergy, sinusitis, pyogenic otitis, adenoidectomy, and other health conditions.

Orthopaedics and traumatology are the subdivisions of medicine dealing with the issues of diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of the musculoskeletal disorders that can be traumatic in their nature, or stand as the consequences of various illnesses. Many diseases of the musculoskeletal system develop after different traumas, as the result of physical impact, such as bone fractures, rupture or tension of ligaments. The chronic diseases develop over a protracted period of time due to derangement of metabolic process or undertreated acute illnesses leading to disorders in the locomotor system regeneration. The specialists of our hospital apply to both the unique therapeutic modes of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western methods of treatment, which lets us help patients with both chronic and acute disorders.

Pulmonology is the subdivision of medicine, which deals with disorders involving the respiratory tract. In some countries this specialty is known as chest or respiratory medicine. The specialists of the State scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have great experience in treatment of spasmodic asthma, chronic respiratory failure, and other health conditions. We have achieved perfect results in diagnosis and therapy of both chronic and acute diseases of various degrees of severity.

Dentistry is a subdivision of medicine involved in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various disorders of the oral cavity. Generally, this specialty is connected with teeth diseases, though it also concerns the pathologies of the oral mucosa, jaw and face. The patients of our hospital receive quality medical care from experienced dentists who use modern medical equipment and top-grade healthcare products.

Geriatrics is a medical subdivision associated with healthcare of elderly people. The aim of this specialty is to help older adults save and improve their health by preventing and treating various disorders. The specialists of Tianjin hospital have many year experience in rendering medical aid to geriatric patients. In order to help our clients we apply to both modern western medicine and the ancient Chinese wisdom.

Andrology deals with male reproductive system. This medical specialty is particularly related to men’s urological and sexual disorders. Here, at the State scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we devote special attention to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various health conditions of male reproductive system. In order to obtain targeted results, we apply to the ancient Chinese wisdom along with modern treatment approaches.

Dermatovenerology is a clinical field, which deals with skin disorders and sexually transmitted illnesses. The initial symptoms of all these diseases appear most frequently on patient’s skin, hair, nails, sweat glands, and so on. Dermatovenerologists of Tianjin hospital treat people of all ages and both sexes. We apply to the unique combination of modern therapeutic techniques and the best Traditional Chinese medicine practices. In order to help our patients, we apply to medication, physiotherapy, mental healing, surgery, as well as acupuncture, diet therapy, and massage.

Gastroenterology is the subdivision of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders. This system includes the gastrointestinal tract with all its organs, from mouth cavity and spleen to intestinal canal. The specialists of our Gastroenterology Department have a great experience in treatment of gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, and other serious disorders. We easily diagnose these pathologies in their early stages and manage them with the use of the unique techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The unit is equipped at a state-of-the-art level: in our work we use updated endoscopy machinery – gastroscopes, colonoscopies, and other medical apparatuses.

Nephrology is a medical specialty concerned with kidneys, their functioning, possible problems, and the methods of treatment. Specialists working in this sphere deal with systemic disorders of the abovementioned organs (diabetes and autoimmune disease), as well as various problems occurring as a result of kidney illnesses (renal osteodystrophy, hypertension, etc.). In our scientific and research clinic at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can rely on the experience of our highly qualified nephrologists. They are ready to help patients of all ages, regardless of the stage of the disease.

Massage is one of the most ancient healing techniques. It was practiced centuries ago in almost every culture all over the world. Today, massotherapy is considered as an effective mode of treatment for a number of serious disorders. The specialists of the State scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice a team approach to healthcare delivery. This unique technique comprises both traditional medicine and the ancient Oriental wisdom and lets our doctors obtain maximum effect from the healing process. We apply to different types of massage as an indispensable part of holistic healthcare, and choose the most suitable method of massotherapy for each patient.

Surgery is a medical specialty dealing with operative manual and instrumental techniques, which let doctors treat various diseases and injuries of a patient. The specialists working in this field help people improve their bodily functions and defects of appearance, as well as repair ruptured body parts. The surgeons of our Department are always to help you with treatment of various health conditions. Using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with modern scientific achievements, we quickly diagnose and cure even serious and neglected health conditions.

Psychosomatics is an interdisciplinary medical specialty, which deals with various health problems developed because of psychological causes. The doctors working in this sphere study the influence of social, psychological, and behavioral factors on physiologic processes in a human body. Psychosomatics integrates cross-subject investigation and involves a number of other specialties – psychiatry, neurology, surgery, allergy, dermatology, etc. Here, at Tianjin hospital, you can rely on highly experienced and qualified specialists, who are ready to diagnose and treat any psychosomatic illnesses.

Cardiology is a branch of medicine focused on heart pathologies. This specialty deals with all other organs of the blood-vascular system, too. Cardiologists diagnose and treat congenital heart defects, electrophysiology, heart failure, and other disorders of the kind. The patients of our hospital receive professional help of highly qualified cardiologists with solid experience. In order to treat both acute and chronic diseases, they apply to both modern scientific achievements, and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hematology is a medical subdivision dealing with diagnosis, prevention, and therapy of blood diseases. The doctors, concerned with this specialty, treat the illnesses, which affect the process of blood production, as well generation of hemoglobin, blood proteins, platelets, spleen, and other blood components. The specialists of our Department have solid experience in therapy of leukaemia, myelofibrosis, leucopenia, and other serious pathologies. Using the best Traditional Chinese medicine practices, we achieve perfect results in diagnosis and treatment of such health conditions.

Urgent care is an important aspect of healthcare services. It is focused on rendering of ambulatory care to patients with injuries and acute illnesses, which require immediate help of professionals, but are not serious enough to demand the emergency response team. As distinguished from standard healthcare clinics, urgent care centers are designed for treatment of hundreds of conditions and are equipped, as a rule, with on-site medical devices. You can always rely on the specialists of our Department, as they are well experienced in diagnosis and therapy of different health conditions, including serious and neglected ones.

The term «general diagnostics» is referred to complex analysis of a patient’s condition. The specialists working in this sphere estimate a person’s appearance, as well as his or her physical and psychological data. Such a precise and many-sided examination ensures accurate diagnosis of all illnesses without extra time loss. Using the unique methods of Traditional Medicine along with modern western approaches, the specialists of our hospital quickly reveal both acute and chronic diseases with patients of all ages.

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    Igor, Moldova, Myeloma  Steffi, Dusseldorf
  • Good afternoon. I’d like to express my gratitude to the team of the Tianjin research hospital during the last 3 years. My wife who has myeloma feels well and is able to work just like any other person. She doesn’t experience any symptoms of her illness now. Doctors here in Moldova are really surprised by her condition: she didn’t take chemotherapy courses, and just took the medicines prepared by you. Thank you once more, I wish you lots of success and new scientific achievements!!!
    Igor, Moldova, Myeloma
  • Hello! I’m Steffi from Dusseldorf. I would like to thank you for helping me to improve my health! I went through the treatment of Diabetes at your hospital in August 2015. My blood sugar level is normal at this moment. I follow strictly your diet recommendations. Thank you for saving my leg!! Chinese medicine works!
    Steffi, Dusseldorf


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