Dentistry is a subdivision of medicine involved in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various disorders of the oral cavity. Generally, this specialty is connected with teeth diseases, though it also concerns the pathologies of the oral mucosa, jaw and face. The patients of our hospital receive quality medical care from experienced dentists who use modern medical equipment and top-grade healthcare products.

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Department of Dentistry

The specialists of the Department of Dentistry in the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine are well experienced in caries treatment, dental implantation, and dental prosthetics. We offer our clients a wide range of services that help them keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Our services

The dentists of our hospital perform the following operations:

  • dental implantation and prosthetics;
  • treatment of caries and its complications;
  • wisdom teeth removal;
  • chairside teeth whitening;
  • removal of tartar;
  • teeth straightening;
  • treatment of gingival diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis, alveolysis), etc.

We conduct professional hygiene procedures with the use of innovative techniques and high-technology equipment.

What we treat

The doctors of the Department of Dentistry in the State scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine help the patients with the following disorders:

  • tooth decay;
  • endodontitis;
  • periodontitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • alveolysis;
  • dental cyst;
  • root abscess, and so on.


We offer our clients emergency treatment for dental injuries. In such cases, the specialists of our Department arrange a meeting with the patient within 24 hours from his request. Using modern equipment and high-quality dental anesthesia to relieve the pain, we check the severity of the client’s injury and choose the method of treatment. Afterwards our dentists re-fix or re-implant the tooth.

If the patient has a chipped tooth, our specialists start with defining the severity and position of the chip, whereupon they choose the therapeutic sequence. We can either build the broken tooth up with a filling, or make a tooth crown. To cure the patients with severe toothache, our specialists start with dental anesthesia to remove pain. Then we determine the stage of the disease and choose the scheme of treatment.

In order to contact the specialists of the Dentistry Department, use the therapy request form. Provide us with your personal medical data, so that we could prepare the best regimen of treatment and make your smile healthy and attractive.


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