Geriatrics is a medical subdivision associated with healthcare of elderly people. The aim of this specialty is to help older adults save and improve their health by preventing and treating various disorders. The specialists of Tianjin hospital have many year experience in rendering medical aid to geriatric patients. In order to help our clients we apply to both modern western medicine and the ancient Chinese wisdom.

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Department of Geriatrics

The Department of Geriatrics in the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine includes 28 doctors with different specializations. Four of them are Professors of Medical Science and seven are PhDs in Medicine. Along with treatment of the patients, our specialists work in the clinical training center at the State University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The special pride of our team is the development of preparations based on medical herbs, which are successfully used in practice nowadays. While struggling with age-related diseases we appeal to the traditional methods of evidentiary medicine. Such a many-sided treatment allows us cure elderly patients quickly and effectively.

What we treat

The specialists of our Department diagnose and treat the disorders, which develop later in life:

  • high blood pressure;
  • atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease;
  • osteoporosis;
  • endocrine disorders (diabetes);
  • metabolic pathologies (arthragra, dyslipidemia, etc.).

Treatment Methods

In order to help elderly people the doctors of our Department apply to geriatric physical therapy, which is a proven means to restore health. Our treatment programs include the following components:

  • Exercises. Physical activity is necessary for improving and maintaining the patient’s coordination, balance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Depending on the person’s state of health, physical daily exercises may include stretching, walking, aquatic therapy, and so on.
  • Manual treatment.This therapeutic method helps our specialists to improve the patient’s blood circulation and restore mobility of his limbs. Manual treatment contributes to pain reduction. As a rule, it includes massage, as well as manipulation of the person's joints and muscles.
  • Education. It is an important stage of the geriatric therapy. We teach our patients to perform daily tasks carefully and safely. Our clients learn how to use different assistive devices and protect themselves from new injuries.

To cure our patients, we use the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, and so on.

In order to receive more detailed information about diagnosis and treatment of age-related diseases, please, contact the specialists of our hospital using the therapy request form.


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