Gynecology is the subdivision of medicine, which deals with the diseases peculiar to women only. First of all, gynecologists treat various disorders of female reproductive system. The list of organs responsible for functioning of the genital system includes the parts of the endocrine system (pituitary organ, thyroid body, uterus, uterine tubes, and ovaria). The specialists of Tianjin hospital have a many year experience in treatment of fibroadenoma, sarcoma, malignant swelling, acyesis, and other gynecological disorders.

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Gynecology Department

In the Gynecology Department of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 18 specialists. Eight of them are PhDs in Medicine. Apart from treating the patients, our doctors annually increase the sum of their medical knowledge during the probation in different countries.

The head of the Department professor Yan In and his colleagues make a successful practice of the minimally invasive surgery methods, which allow them minimize the zone of the operative intervention into the body and reduce the degree of tissue traumatizing.

Conditions we treat

  1. Breast diseases: chronic cystic mastitis, adenosis, fibroadenoma, proliferative nodules, etc.
  2. Ovariopathies: ovarian follicular cysts, corpus luteum cyst, and parovarian cysts.
  3. Ovarian and parovarian tumors: serous and mucous swelling, Brenner tumors, ovarian cancer, gonadoblastoma, etc.
  4. Hysteropathies:
    • Endometrial pathologies: endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial polyp, endometriosis, endometrial cancer;
    • Uterine body pathologies: uterine asthenia, fibroid, and sarcoma;
    • Uterine tube pathologies: blocked fallopian tubes, carcinoma of uterine tubes;
    • Vesical cervix pathologies: cervical erosion, cervical ectopia, cervical cancer, etc.
  5. Infecundity: tubal obstruction, habitual abortions, oocyte maturation failure, etc.

Causes of Gynecological Diseases

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the etiology of gynecological disorders can be connected with emotional upsets, energy imbalance in the human body, and accumulation of “cold” energy in the organism. The latter situation occurs due to wearing improper clothes in different seasons, hypothermia, using air conditioners (even in summer time), which lead as a whole to blood microcirculatory disorders and malfunction of the body’s immune system and the closed glands.

Methods of Diagnostics

In order to reveal various gynecological diseases, the doctors of our Department use the following diagnostic techniques:

  1. All types of blood tests (C.B.C., Full Chemistry Panel, HbA1c level detection, glucose tolerance tests, urine analysis etc.).
  2. Ultrasound investigation of abdominal cavity and small pelvis organs, colposcopy, hysterosalpingography, X-ray examination, CT, MRT, abdominoscopy.
  3. Diagnostics by means of TCM methods: sphygmic diagnostics and detection of “cold” energy level, interference of the energy flow along the Meridian channels, examination of skin surface, lines on palms, and other changes in the human body.

TCM Treatment

In the process of gynecological diseases treatment with the use of TCM methods, the whole human body is treated as an integrated system, in which the malfunction of one part leads to pathological changes in another. This way of treatment improves the energy balance in the organism and the energy flow along the Meridian channels, which contributes hereafter to improvement of target organs microcirculation and enhancement of nervous innervations.

The therapy consists of the individually selected set of medical procedures, which re-energize the person’s active points and restore the Qi energy flow along the Meridian channels. Our specialists use acupuncture, moxibustion, physiotherapeutic procedures, massotherapy, and other ways of treatment. We develop an individual therapeutic sequence for each patient, based on the person’s body state and the results of the investigation.

If you want to receive professional help from the specialists of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fill out the therapy request form. Having studied your personal medical data, our doctors will work out a special regimen of treatment for you.


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