Hepatology is the subdivision of medicine related to the functioning of liver, gall bladder, biliary ducts and pancreas. This discipline studies various disorders of the abovementioned organs and the ways of their treatment. In most cases, patients consult hepatologists over the matter of viral hepatitis. Millions of people worldwide have suffered from Hepatitis B at some point in their life, while 350 million are persistent carriers of this virus. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we help people with a number of hepatic disorders. Using both the achievements of modern medicine and the unique Chinese wisdom we diagnose these conditions in their early stages and cure them with minimum time loss.

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Hepatology Department

The hepatologists of our scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine work at diagnosis and treatment of liver, gall and kidney diseases. Our Hepatology Department includes 14 specialists, 11 of them hold PhDs. Chief of the Department professor Go Huay has been studying alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic viral hepatitis B and C, as well as autoimmune liver diseases for more than 15 years already. Our doctors use the unique methods of treatment worked out by Go Huay.

What we treat

The specialists of our Hepatology Department pay special attention to the therapy of fatty liver, liver cancer and chronic viral hepatitis. Our patients receive combined treatment of autoimmune liver diseases, elevated liver enzymes treatment and liver cancer treatment. The list of illnesses we work with includes:

  • alcoholic liver disease;
  • drug-induced injuries;
  • cholestatic liver disease;
  • genetic liver disorder and so on.

We also train students and search after new remedies in the course of research activities. Our scientific work lets our Hepatology Department incessantly develop and find new ways of treatment for liver diseases.

Methods of Treatment

In our practice we use the unique combination of European medicine and traditional oriental techniques (integrative medicine). This approach gives us immediate and effective results.

In order to treat fatty liver disease, we help our patients lose weight and improve the general state of health. Our specialists use the multidisciplinary approach to this issue, which includes personalized dietary counseling and – if necessary – weight-loss surgery.

Treatment of liver cancer is conducted by experienced oncologists, surgeons and other specialists, who are ready to offer the patient the most effective therapies to manage the illness at early stages. Our team includes specialized nurses and caseworkers, who can take care of the patients in the course of treatment.

If you are interested in the ways of treatment used for certain diseases, please, complete the therapy request form. Having studied your personal medical data, the doctors of our hospital will work out the individual therapeutic regimen for you.



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