Massage is one of the most ancient healing techniques. It was practiced centuries ago in almost every culture all over the world. Today, massotherapy is considered as an effective mode of treatment for a number of serious disorders. The specialists of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice a team approach to healthcare delivery. This unique technique comprises both traditional medicine and the ancient Oriental wisdom and lets our doctors obtain maximum effect from the healing process. We apply to different types of massage as an indispensable part of holistic healthcare, and choose the most suitable method of massotherapy for each patient.  

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Conditions we treat

The specialists of the Massage Department have a great experience in treatment of the following disorders:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • postapoplectic conditions;
  • gastrointestinal issues;
  • diabetes;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • salpingitis;
  • uterine fibroid;
  • oophoritic cyst;
  • syndesmitis;
  • radiculitis;
  • infantile cerebral paralysis;
  • neuritis, and many others.

The many-year experience and ancient skills, which are carefully translated into practice, let us see the first results of treatment even in neglected cases. Massage is used for people of all ages, from babies to seniors. It has few counter-indications and bad effects, this is why our doctors prescribe this therapeutic mode to almost all patients of the hospital.

Types of Massage Techniques

In order to help our patients we use different methods of massotherapy:

  • Aromatherapy massage;
  • Deep tissue massage;
  • Shiatsu;
  • Pregnancy massage;
  • Reflexology;
  • Myofascial release, etc.

Along with various massage techniques, our specialists apply to other treatment modes:

  • Cupping therapy. It is commonly practiced for treatment of anemia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, high blood pressure, migraines, depression, and so on.
  • Application of medical herbs. Herbalism helps our specialists treat effectively diabetes, different types of cancer, asthma, end-stage renal disease, and so on.
  • Classic physiotherapy. Physiotherapists use their skills to cure patients with a wide range of disorders, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, etc.

In order to contact the specialists of our Department, please, fill in the therapy request form. Give us your personal medical data, and we will develop an individual regime of treatment for you.


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