Oncology is the subdivision of medicine, which studies the reasons and mechanisms of malignant and benign tumors growth, their signs, methods of diagnostics and precaution, as well as the ways of treatment. The development of oncological diseases can be encouraged by genetic disposition, environmental effects, stress, unsatisfactory diet, frequent traumatism, taking drugs, and other factors. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we help patients with different stages of cancer. Applying to the ancient Chinese wisdom in conjunction with the achievements of modern science, our specialists easily diagnose and successfully treat even terminal cancer and other difficult conditions.  

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Department of Oncology

The Department of Oncology in the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of 36 specialists. Among them there are 23 PhDs in Medicine and 3 Academicians of Medical Science. Treatment of the patients is not the only task of our Department. We do academic work and engage in teaching.

Conditions we treat

If you suffer from any of these disorders, the doctors of our Department of Oncology will help you establish your health:

  1. Bening tumors, pituitary adenoma, chronic cystic mastitis, uterine fibroid, prostatic hypertrophy, etc.
  2. Laryngeal, stomach, intestinal canal, biliary tract and major duodenal papilla cancer, as well as carcinoma of lungs.
  3. Fibrosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, adenocarcinoma, leiomyosarcoma, etc.
  4. Breast, uterine, sheath, and vulvar cancer.
  5. Lymphoblastic leucosis, myeloblastic leucosis, chronic leucosis, lymphadenomas, erythroid myeloma and other oncological illnesses.

Diagnostic Methods

In most cases, oncological diseases are diagnosed in their late stages. It seriously complicates the process of treatment, as the disorders develop very quickly. Late diagnostics of these illnesses is related to insufficient awareness of people, as well as certain psychological aspects of the individual and his fear of seeking medical service. In order to diagnose oncological diseases the doctors of our hospital use both modern medical tests, and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which anticipates uncovering of the abnormal focus.

We use the following laboratory tests and instrumental examinations:

  1. All types of blood tests (C.B.C., Full Chemistry Panel, HbA1c level detection, CA-125, thyroid and adrenal hormones, female sex hormones, urine analysis, etc.).
  2. Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, trepanobiopsy, microscopic evaluation, immunohistochemical and molecular characterizations, histological and cytologic diagnostics.
  3. Ultrasound investigation, examinations on intraoperative diagnostic apparatus.
  4. X-ray study, MRT, CT scan, angiography, and so on.

Method of Treatment

The therapy of oncological diseases in their early stages produces good results with the patient’s complete cure. The treatment of these disorders in their late stages involves decreasing the probability of potential dissemination of tumor. For this purpose we use the therapeutic methods, which stimulate the recovery of the civilized cells function and activate the patient’s immune system.

These effects are achieved by our specialists due to using the methods of integrative medicine, which bring stimulant influence on the central nervous system and launch the self-testing mechanisms of the body’s immune system. Besides, the therapy of oncological diseases in our hospital includes the intake of individually selected medicinal herbs, which have regenerative effect and help inner organs and systems of human body rehabilitate after the radiation treatment or chemotherapy.

To contact the representatives of our hospital and get more detailed information about our methods of treatment, fill out the therapy request form. Do not forget to prepare your personal medical data, so that our doctors could work out an individual regimen of treatment for you.



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