Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the anatomy, physiology and disorders of human eyes. Ophthalmologists are both surgical and medical specialists, as they have to treat eye disorders by means of operative intervention and medication. Here, at Tianjin hospital, we use individual approach for every patient, combining the best Traditional Chinese medicine practices with the methods and tools of modern western medicine. This allows us to get serious improvements even in cases of chronical eye conditions.

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Ophthalmology Department

Our First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has an Ophthalmology Department known for its successful work in the sphere of diagnostics and treatment of eye illnesses. We regularly maintain successful implantation of the IOL, transplantation of stem cells and other surgical measures, improving the patients’ vision. In our work we use innovative ophthalmological equipment: surgical ophthalmological microscopes, ultrasonic diagnosis machines, automated perimetry machines, angiographs, etc.


In order to detect certain eye disorder, the specialists of our hospital study the patient’s symptoms and examine the appearance of his eyes. Besides, we make a number of special tests, which let us diagnose eye diseases with early stages. The tests and exams we conduct are as follows:

  • applanation tonometry;
  • fluorescein angiogram;
  • refraction;
  • slit-lamp exam;
  • ultrasound and so on.

The specialists of our clinic warn the patients that many eye disorders have no early symptoms. In a number of instances, a person may feel neither pain, nor change in his vision until the illness has become seriously advanced. The only way to protect your eyes is to undergo regular examinations in a reliable medical center. Having conducted a comprehensive diagnosis of your eyes, an experienced ophthalmologist will confidently determine whether you have any eye illnesses.

Treatment methods

The specialists of our scientific and research hospital help the patients solve a number of eye disorders, including:

  • acanthamoeba keratitis;
  • chalazion;
  • astigmatism;
  • corneal ulcer;
  • blepharitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • cataracts and so on.

After the years of research in the field of diagnostics and therapy of eye disorders, the specialists of our Ophthalmology Department have managed to implement innovative methods of treatment, based on the combination of traditional medicine and ancient oriental knowledge. This comprehensive set of measures lets us improve the patients’ vision and delay progression of chronic eye diseases. Our doctors work out individual therapeutic regimens for each patient according to the degree of the disorder activity and his personal medical data.

The specialists of our hospital draw out individual therapeutic regimens for each patient in accordance with the degree of the disease progression and his personal medical data. If you want to obtain more detailed information about the ways of treatment of a given illness, complete the therapy request form.



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