Rheumatology is a subdivision of internal medicine connected with rheumatic diseases. Specialists working in this field – they are called rheumatologists – help patients solve various issues involving joints, soft tissues, autoimmune system and so on. In general, rheumatology is closely connected with immunology. In our First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can rely on the expertise of highly qualified rheumatologists with solid experience. They will assist you even in the most difficult cases of chronic diseases.

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Rheumatology Department

The doctors of our Rheumatology Department have a many-year experience in diagnostics and treatment of connective tissue illnesses. Our special highlight is the result of scientific and practical work in the sphere of arthragra treatment. The unique method, which has been worked out by our scientists, results in retrogression and long-lasting remission of the disease.

There are 14 specialists in our Rheumatology Department – 7 PhDs, 3 Candidates of Medicine and 4 Magisters. The head of the Department is professor Lu Way. We use different treatment modes, including traditional and evidence based medicine, as well as ancient eastern methods. This approach gives us immediate and effective results in treatment of connective tissue diseases, achilles tendonitis and other chronic and acute illnesses.

Conditions we treat

The specialists of our scientific and research hospital at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine offer the patients effective treatment of the following disorders:

  • joint pain;
  • achilles tendonitis;
  • shoulder tendonitis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction;
  • fibromyalgia and many other mixed and undifferentiated connective tissue illnesses.

Treatment Methods

In order to treat various connective tissue diseases the specialists of our hospital restore circulation of Qi energy in the patient’s body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these illnesses emerge from congestion and lack of energy circulation, which lead to disruption of healthy blood flow and joint trophism. Reactivation of energy circulation is realized by means of acupuncture on certain points, which restores the work of meridian channels. Besides, we use physiotherapeutic procedures and herb-based medicaments that restore trophism and promote anagenesis.

For the purpose of therapy of arthragra, as well as other joint and tendon diseases, our doctors advise to keep your limbs warm and defend the body from cold. In order to receive more detailed information about treatment of certain diseases, fill out the therapy request form. The specialists of our hospital will become familiar with your personal medical data and draw out the therapeutic regimen, including all your individual factors.



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