Surgery is a medical specialty dealing with operative manual and instrumental techniques, which let doctors treat various diseases and injuries of a patient. The specialists working in this field help people improve their bodily functions and defects of appearance, as well as repair ruptured body parts. The surgeons of our Department are always to help you with treatment of various health conditions. Using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with modern scientific achievements, we quickly diagnose and cure even serious and neglected health conditions.

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Department of Surgery

Surgery Department of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine includes 11 specialists: six Candidates of Medicine, four Doctors of Medical Science, and one Corresponding Member of the State university of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our special pride is successful treatment of obliterative atherosclerosis, varix dilatation of lower limbs, stomach cancer, and other serious disorders.

We have a more than 50-year experience in managing diabetic foot, diabetic polyneuropathy, and diabetic angiopathy. Throughout the years of work we have created and implemented maximally effective treatment modalities for these disorders. Our Department of Surgery is also a training facility of the State university of Traditional Chinese Medicine; therefore, our specialists have an opportunity to take part in development of new remedies.

What we treat

Our surgeons help patients manage the following pathologies:
  • obliterative atherosclerosis;
  • venous thrombosis;
  • varix dilatation of lower limbs;
  • mastopathy;
  • gynecomastia;
  • stomach cancer;
  • diabetic foot;
  • diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • diabetic angiopathy, and so on.

Our methods of treatment

The team approach to treatment of surgical pathologies used by the specialists of our Department is based on innovative technologies and the ancient Oriental wisdom. This therapeutic approach lets us obtain excellent and quick results in treatment of a wide range of diseases. As a rule, our surgeons use in their work the following therapeutic modes:

  • Open surgery. Such operations are commonly performed on abdominal cavity. They are regarded as hard and demand a long-term after-care.
  • Laparoscopic operations. These minimally invasive surgical interventions are performed with the use of special equipment.
  • Laser surgery. In this case specialists ‘cut’ tissues or ‘burn away’ the abnormal cells by means of laser rays of different powers.
  • Radio-wave surgery. This therapeutic mode is exercised for the purpose of highly-accurate tissue destruction.

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