Our medical innovations

The specialists of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use the unique treatment approach: they integrate modern therapeutic methods and the skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All this lets them obtain perfect and quick results in diagnostics and treatment of serious health disorders.

Diagnostic Methods

In order to reveal a patient’s disease, our doctors apply to pulse-diagnostics – the ancient Chinese technique used for identification of illnesses in their early stages. This method is suitable for most disorders known. The technique of pulse-diagnostics is based on the fact that the radial artery near the wrist joint contains a number of active spots (nerve terminals) connected with different inner organs.

As for other diagnostic methods used by other doctors, they include visual examination of the patient’s eyes, tongue, face, and palms. In order to ensure accurate diagnosis of various disorders, we use advanced medical equipment – automatic dehydration machinery, apparatuses for freezing and cutting of tissues, and biological microscopes.

Treatment Modes

The specialists of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine apply to the following therapeutic techniques:

Acupuncture. Stimulating local nerve centers (biologically active points) with the special acupuncture needles, we achieve noticeable improvement of blood circulation, fast recovery of the patient’s organism after a serious disease, and so on.

Herbalism. Our specialists use medicinal herbs, fruits, leaves, bark, and metallic oxides. In order to achieve perfect results of treatment, we prepare such medical drugs individually for each patient.

Cauterization and moxibustion. These immunopotentiating procedures are based on the impact of medicinal herbs: they soak into the patient’s skin and make a positive impact on his general state of health.

Massage. It fortifies the person’s immune system, helps him resist different diseases, and removes both mental and physical tension.

Vacuum therapy (cupping massage). This method of treatment leads to the strengthening of blood circulation and improves nutrition of tissues – skin, vessels, nerves, muscles, and cords.